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Hi, My name is Vickie and to tell you a little bit about myself, I was born and raised in Kentucky and the majority of my ancestors have been in Kentucky since the 1790’s. I have always loved history, a good mystery and puzzles and that is what Family History Research is all about. As a child we would take day trips on Saturdays and head down some dirt road looking for old cemeteries. A lot of the time we weren't looking for anyone in particular, we just like to read the epitaphs. We would have a picnic lunch packed and have lunch at whatever cemetery we were at. If the weather was bad my Dad and I would go to a court house and dig through old records in musty old basements looking for our ancestors. So as you can see I have had an interest in Family History for quite some time.View my complete profile

My DNA Ethnicity Estimates

I hope you can read this chart okay.  I tried to copy it directly from my Ancestry.com page but it wouldn't let me, so I made my own pie chart in MS Word and then I couldn't get it to upload to blogger.  Then I just decided to print off the chart I made and then scan it and make it a picture and then I could finally add it to this page, so hopefully you can actually read it.  Still new at this so I am sure there was an easier way, but I couldn't find it this time.

I did what is called an Autosomal DNA test from Ancestry.com which is a genealogical DNA test, which gives you matches with genetic cousins and also gives you ethnicity percentages.  You can Google, Autosomal DNA, to read more about how it works and what all it covers.

The following from Ancestry.com tells you where and what each of the above listed areas covered.

Great Britain (I am 58%)

Primarily located in: England, Scotland, Wales
Also found in: Ireland, France, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Italy

Europe West (I am 21%)

Primarily located in: Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein
Also found in: England, Denmark, Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic

Ireland (I am 11%)

Primarily located in: Ireland, Wales, Scotland
Also found in: France, England

Scandinavia (I am 6%)

Primarily located in: Sweden, Norway, Denmark
Also found in: Great Britain, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, the Baltic States, Finland

European Jewish (I am 2%)

Primarily located in: Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Hungary, Israel
Also found in: Germany, France, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, Bosnia, Serbia, Estonia

Italy/Greece (I am 1%)

Primarily located in: Italy, Greece
Also found in: France, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Serbia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Austria, Croatia, Bosnia, Romania, Turkey, Slovenia, Algeria, Tunisia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo

Asia Central (I am 1%)

Primarily located in: Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan
Also found in: Iran, Pakistan


  1. Wow, we are almost an ethnicity perfect match! Maybe it's the area of the country our folks come from...it's so interesting! Your blog is very interesting. I am enjoying your stories!

    1. Thanks so much, appreciate your comments. I have Humphreys in Western Kentucky where were yours from?